Book Review: Dying Is My Business by Nicholas Kaufman

17286922Wow! Where to begin with this. Trent is an amnesiac who can’t die. Every time he is mortally wounded he wakes up and whoever is unfortunate to be near him at the time is the one who dies instead. His memories upon wakening are limited to the past year. He is working as a collector for an underworld crime boss called Underwood. Underwood claims to have info on Trent’s background and who he is but keeps him on short leash. Underwood wants Trent to retrieve a box for him at a warehouse, one last job and he will tell Trent everything he knows about him. Trent goes to the warehouse to retrieve the box only to find himself in the middle of something that is straight out of a fantasy novel.

Demon gargoyles, mages, vampires, werewolves…. Oh and a dragon, all abound in the fringes of NY. Trent gets caught up with a band of magical creatures to get hold of the box that has in it, something to destroy everybody and the world as we know it.

There are a lot of things going on in this book. Trent learns a few bits and pieces about himself but not enough for him to know who he is and why he has such strange powers. People and things aren’t often what they seem to be.

I loved this book but hate the drop off the cliff ending of it!

4/5 stars

ARC provided by Netgalley

– Crash

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