Book Review: Why Grizzly Bears Should Wear Underpants by Matthew Inman

bear Well, it’s that time of year and once again you’re struggling to find something for that one person on your list who has everything. But don’t fret, I’m here to help! Have you considered the lost art of coffee table books? How many times have you been over to someone’s house only to find yourself sitting on a couch staring at a bare coffee table, wishing there was a book on it to entertain you during the lulls of the conversation? Every house should be equipped with at least one amusing coffee table book; and this holiday season, you can help the cause.

Matthew Inman has provided us with several books that are destined to grace the surfaces of coffee tables around the world. His most recent, Why Grizzly Bears Should Wear Underpants, is no exception. Combining seen and unseen works, the book starts you laughing right of the bat with it’s comical illustrations about how some people are grizzly bears. Spoiler Alert: It’s the single-minded ones who don’t play well with others.

Grizzly bears wearing underwear (I won’t spoil the reason for the underwear) is only a small portion of the book. There are plenty of interesting chapters that keep the laughs going. You find out what it means when you use the word literally. Why you should ride a polar bear to work. The mysteries of e-mail. What high school should have prepared us for. The adventures of Captain Higgins the flatworm. And my favorite section: If my brain were an imaginary friend.

The book covers everyone, The Instagramer: 6 Things you really don’t need to take a photo of.

The Techie: What it’s like to own an Apple Product and Why I love and hate having a Smartphone.

Lovers: The pros and cons of living with your significant other.

There’s even a section titled: How different age groups celebrate Christmas. Told you I’d help you with your holiday shopping. The laughs and chuckles experienced while reading this book will definitely add to the holiday joy. Not to mention, there is a pull-out poster at the back of the book as an extra bonus!

So please buy this book and help end the barren coffee table epidemic.

5/5 stars


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