Book Review: I Hate Everything by Matthew DiBenedetti

8841773Have you ever woken up with the sun shining just right, the birds chirping a great tune, and your first thought is  I hate how perfect everything is today? Well have I got the perfect book for a pessimist like you. On a side note, this is also a great book if you are an optimist but need a gift for your Debbie Downer friend. Chances are though, even as an optimist, you might find the book to be a nice break from the bright light of happiness and keep it for yourself!

Matthew DiBenedetti quite literally hates everything,  from little pet peeves to realities of the world. He is an equal-opportunity hater. I mean, he is also the author of I Hate Everyone, which is now the next book I’m going to read. I Hate Everything is filled with over 200 lists of humorous hates. With such an extensive list, you will surely find something to relate to, to laugh at, and most certainly to loathe. There are even simple sketches with the lists to help get his hatred across. 

There are great one-liners:

I hate that once you use lip balm, you’re hooked for life. (This is one I totally relate too. I can’t go anywhere without my chapstick.)

I hate that stores put out back-to-school stuff while I’m still shopping for a bathing suit.

I hate that I breathe the same air as everyone else. (It is kinda weird when you think of it.)

But my favorite parts are when he ties together similar hates:

I hate that rainbows only come out when it rains. I hate that I’m only happy when it rains. I hate when a songs get stuck in your head. I hate when my iPod plays a song I really don’t like. I hate that I don’t have a good P’P’P’Poker Face.

The book is an easy read in a simple format so I can’t say too much without giving away all the hatred. I’m still giving the book 5/5 stars even though I hate that Amazon recommended the book for me. I hate that I bought the book. I hate that I read the book so quickly. I hate that I agreed with almost every list. I hate that this book can also be used to help end the barren coffee table epidemic.

5/5 stars


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