Book Review: The Christmas Tree Elf by Valentine D’Arcy Sheldon

imageNo, it’s not Elf on a Shelf, it’s the debut story by Valentine D’Arcy Sheldon. Sheldon,a who has a BA in Creative Writing and a Master’s in The Arts, is more commonly known as a television producer and editor. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and two daughters, so we can probably expect more great stories to come.

Many, many  Christmases ago, Santa and Mrs. Claus took their dog Blazer for a walk in the Christmas Tree Forest. 

After seeing all the beautifully decorated Christmas trees, Mrs. Claus decides she wants one of her own. Santa promises her one, and next season the bring in the first indoor Christmas tree. But unfortunately they do not know how to properly care for their tree. Due to their neglect, the dried up tree catches fire, threatening not only the Clauses but also Santa’s Christmas workload. The fire would have set an already exhausted Santa back since he does all the Christmas prep by himself.

Luckily for the Clauses, Blink the Christmas Tree Elf magically appears to put out the fire and save the day. He teaches the Clauses about fire safety and how to take care of their tree. Blink and the other Christmas tree elves want to further help the overworked Santa, so the join his workshop to help make the toys. They still have their original job too, to protect the trees that come from the Christmas Tree Forest. It is decided that every home should have a Christmas tree and every tree needs to have an elf to look after it. 

This book is a charming story on how the elves came to work for Santa and how Christmas trees came to be. The illustrations are what really sold me on the book though. They are just gorgeously painted in a very Polar Express feel. Adults and children alike will enjoy this book. From Blink and his flashing red hat, to the lessons on fire safety and protecting nature, there’s something for everyone.

Just like Santa shared Christmas with the elves, you should share this book with your loved ones!!!

5/5 stars


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