Book Review: Something Like Autumn by Jay Bell


There’s always two sides to every story, but in a love triangle, there’s three. Something Like Winter is the second book of the seasons and it tells the story from Tim’s point of view. Since I was never a fan of Tim, I didn’t read it. You don’t have to read it before reading Something Like Autumn, but you can if you’d like. Something Like Autumn, the finale, is all about Jace, who we all know and love from the first book, Something Like Summer. The book is all about the experiences he goes through, whether good or bad, to find someone who’ll love him the way he loves them.

We jump into Jace’s past, when he was just a confused teenager who was having problems with being gay. His doubts soon disappear when he meets Victor. Strange, homeless Victor. They hit it off right away and Jace easily falls in love with him. But unfortunately, Victor refuses to be tied down to anyone or anything. This of course causes problems in their young love, because Jace wants to be tied down. He wants the marriage, the family, and the commitment. He wants to be loved forever.Victor, though he really does love Jace, is never going to want those things too. Despite their obvious differences, they have the typical “on again. off again” relationship over the years. Eventually their relationship comes to a complete end. And although Victor was similar to Tim… I didn’t really hate him. I mean, the guy had issues. He might have even been a little cray.

Now we get to the story we all know, the part where Jace meets Ben. But this time we see that not only did Jace save Ben, but Ben also saved Jace. And they were just perfect for each other. Had it not been for cray cray Victor, Jace wouldn’t have been the saint we were all attached to in the first book. Jace’s back-story with Victor explains how he was always able to forgive Ben, because he still loved Victor just as much as Ben loved Tim. He knew how he would feel seeing Victor again… and he can’t blame Ben for succumbing to those feelings. Victor helped Jace understand that first love doesn’t die. Your feelings don’t go away too when a relationship ends. Now we know what made Jace so “perfect.” And knowing is half the battle.


Because this is Jace’s story, we are once again hit with the super sad part of his life that made us cry like little babies in the first book. Although, this time we get more closure. Yes, I was secretly hoping Jay Bell was going to write that it was all a dream in the first book and Jace and Ben grow old together and have a giant family. But nothing changes and we once again say goodbye to our hero, Jace. Despite all the heartache, we did find out that he had a good life. He had found his happiness.

Ben and Jace both loved two men in their lives. And although they never stopped loving their first, it didn’t stop them from loving each other. We all knew Ben was meant for Tim and Jace was meant for Ben. The first book made us ache for Jace who seemed to have gotten the raw end of the deal. But in Something Like Autumn, we learn that Jace got everything he wanted in life with Ben. He got the marriage, the family, and the commitment. He had found someone to love him forever.


5/5 stars


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