Unraveled Blog Tour: Q&A w/ Sam & Gray

20140125-105324.jpgVi: Gray & Sam, I hear that you both are considering going back to college? What courses are thinking of taking?
Sam: I’m taking classes on merchandising (which are my least favorite) and fiber arts which is really cool. I’ve been experimenting with knitting lace which is really a challenge. Gray’s been pretty patient with having a lot of threads around the apartment but sometimes he says we have more yarn at our place than at Knit Together.

Gray: It was a lot better when she was knitting stuff for me. I look good in a lot of stuff but not lace. I’ve been taking some online courses on communication and leadership but the Corps has me attending classes too. A lot of leadership courses with the Air Force guys. Man, they have good food over there. I may have enlisted in the wrong branch.

Vi: Sam, how did you get started with knitting? What’s the most difficult thing you have made?
I got started knitting when I joined a support group after my husband died. It was the only widow group I could find that had women there under the age of 50. The most difficult thing I made was a sweater for one class. We were challenged to incorporate as many different techniques into one project. It’s pretty hideous.

Gray: ugliest thing ever. Even uglier than, well, you know, Vi, but I don’t want to ruin it for everyone.
Sam: It is really, really ugly.

Vi: Gray, how has Bo & Noah changed since leaving the service?
Gray: They’ve got longer hair. Or at least Bo does. Their focus is completely different although I feel mine has changed now that I have Sam so I don’t know if the separating from the service changes you so much as the people that you surround yourself with.

Vi: Sam & Gray, favorite bar drink?
Sam: I like a good old lemon lime margarita with a mix of Patron Silver and Patron Citronge.

Gray: Straight up and strong. Whiskey, scotch, that sort of thing. But I usually drink Coors while watching the Padres.

Vi: Sam & Gray, what is your favorite word? [Shamelessly stealing this from Actors’ Studio]
Sam: Adventurous

Gray, laughing: I’m not sure I can say my favorite word on the blog here.

Sam: It’s a profanity. Starts with F.

Vi: Sam & Gray, what turns you on?
Gray: Sam turns me on. Everything about her. Her smell, the way she moves, her little sighs. Fu-, ahem, love it all.

Sam: Hearing Gray talk. He’s so vocal and it makes me know that he’s excited to be with me. Makes it easier for me to be more free, all of the time.

Vi: Sam & Gray, or you morning person or night owl?
Gray: I have to be a morning person.
Sam: I like sleeping in. I admit it. And I think because I tended bar for so long, I enjoy the night hours but it all works out.

Vi: Sam & Gray, how do you liked your bacon cooked?
Sam: crispy
Gray: Same

Vi: Gray,your mom named you after a romance novel hero. Do you believe in happily ever after?
Gray: After Sam, yes. Before her? Probably not.

Vi: Sam, do you read romance novels? If so, name a recent favorite book? Do you believe in HEA as well?
Sam: I love reading. I think reading and knitting go together. As for my favorite recent book, well, I loved Sabrina Elkins Stir Me Up. It featured a young Marine and a chef and it reminded me of some of the guys around Pendleton. Made me teary a little. And yes, I totally believe in the HEA and that I’m living mine with Gray Phillips.

Gray: Love you, babe. Love you so much.

<strong>Thank you both for taking time to answer questions. You are both are so darn cute!</strong>

Thank you Jen Frederick for allowing me to be a part of this tour!

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