Book Review: Into the Still Blue by Veronica Rossi

14288998 This is a kind of sleeper trilogy in that I haven’t heard as many people talk about but is one that I have really enjoyed from the beginning. And YAY a final book that was not only NOT a disappointment but, at least to me, was pretty freaking awesome! I was kind of ecstatic when I got approved for this ARC because I’ve been really wanting to know what the hell happened with Perry, Aria and Roar after Through the Ever Night ended.

There is so much I like about this trilogy I don’t even know if I’ll remember to list them all. First and foremost is the lack of a love triangle. While there are 3 main characters and yes one is female and 2 are male there is never a moment that I get a romantic feeling between Roar and Aria which just makes me happy. Which brings me to the second thing I like about this trilogy so much – the friendships. The friendship between Roar and Perry is so great, just a real and honest friendship between two guys that is not ruined by jealousy over a woman. The friendship between Roar and Aria is even better in my eyes because it’s so rare to see in a YA book that a male and female can manage to be friends without feelings getting in the way. I love the friendships in these books. There are many, many more, even other important ones that matter, all why I love these books.

So as for this actual book – I didn’t love the beginning. I was a little annoyed with the way Roar and Perry were acting. I wanted to smack them both. I understood their pain after the ending of the last book but Roar in particular was acting like an ass and it was irritating me. But after we moved past that part I easily loved the rest of this book even more than the others. The action moved very quickly and was pretty much nonstop. The journey, both literally and figuratively, in this book is important and really moving to see. There are a lot of challenges to face and sacrifices Perry in particular has to make to get to the end. The anticipation of all of this has built throughout the series and this last book does a great job of capturing all of this effortlessly.

I was impressed with the end of the book – the last 20% or so in particular. I wasn’t expecting to get any of this in the book at all because this part felt almost like an epilogue. I appreciated the ending and while there were definitely sad parts – to the point where I was a little choked up – there were also the happy and triumphant moments as well. I was extremely satisfied with this conclusion to the series and feel that Rossi did what is almost impossible – took extreme care with the pacing of the relationships and the action, leaving me even more of a fan at the end of book 3 than I was at the end of book 1.

This book in particular is pretty difficult to review without giving away major spoilers so basically I loved the and felt it was a wonderful conclusion to the trilogy.

5/5 Stars

ARC provided by publisher via Edelweiss.


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