Book Review: The Chocolate Temptation by Laura Florand

17832864 Sarah Lin won an internship in Paris working under Luc Leroi, the head chef in the pastry kitchen of Hotel de Leuce. But she really works under Patrick Chevalier. Patrick who manages to make everything seem ridiculously easy and who seems to flirt with every single woman who has a pulse, including her. Watching him create insane desserts with ease and beauty, not breaking a sweat and grinning and winking at her all the while makes her want to break a pan over his pretty little head.

Patrick, meanwhile, cannot understand why Sarah is so determined to not warm up to him, almost to the point of barely speaking. He feels unworthy of her and tries to show her how he feels about her through his actions in the kitchen and being protective of her. Sarah feels unworthy of Patrick at the same time and second guesses her actions in the kitchen. She can’t tell if she made the right decision leaving her previous life behind when she chose to go for it and take on the internship. So with every wink and nudge from Patrick she wonders if she should go back.

I love Laura Florand’s writing and her previous Chocolate books, which are all set in Paris with various chocolatiers. Before this series it never had occurred to me to think about the profession as one of such passion or intensity but Florand had me hooked from the first book. Each of her heroes is equally invested in their professions for different reasons and every story is beautiful in its own way.

This story in particular felt very intense and had my stomach in knots at times wanting to scream at both Sarah and Patrick. Sarah second guessing herself felt very familiar as I think that’s a pretty common thing for women to do. Especially since she essentially picked up her life and is starting all over again with her new profession. She was so protective of herself and her feelings that at times she felt like glass but that is so never a word she would use to describe herself

Patrick’s laissez faire attitude to the world, and towards Sarah was a façade as well. Normally these kinds of hurt feelings and almost misunderstandings can irritate me in romance novels. What’s so great about this book is that these misunderstandings don’t actually happen. While we get the internal monologue of both characters and get the benefits of understanding their motives, we also get actual conversations that occur. Both Sarah and Patrick are guarded and things happen slowly but things actually happen.

The prose is beautiful and the ending was very touching. If you’re a fan of the romance genre at all I would highly recommend reading this series. You will not be disappointed!

4/5 Stars

ARC provided by the author in return for an honest review.


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