Regarding Ducks and Universes by Neve Maslakovic

8767940On January 6th 1986 at 11:46 am, the universe as it was known was changed forever by splitting into two, connected but yet separate universes. Professor Singh created a second universe in his basement workshop, so thus we have universe A and universe B.

Everybody born before January 6th 1986 has an “alter” in universe B. Felix Sayer recently found out that he is actually 6 months older that what his birth certificate says meaning he has an ‘alter’ in universe B. He isn’t allowed to visit his alter without permission from Felix ‘B’ but that doesn’t stop him and he leaves his universe to see what his alter is up to and how different their lives are.

This sets in motion a very funny and very complex string of events that lead him and his alter down the path to finding out if they were the ones to change the universe on both sides when Felix “A” was only 6 months old.

This is a hard book to review of the complexities of it. I have to hand it to the writer to have the creativeness to actually accomplish it. It is confusing and sometimes hard to keep up with and you have to suspend all normal beliefs and throw them out the window for this book. While it is complex and you do feel lost at some points it is a quasi mystery story as well as how one person or one event can change the course of history.

I found this to be a fun read and challenging to keep your attention focused to the storyline.

5/5 stars


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