Book Review: Anything to Have You by Paige Harbison

18168638 I thought this would be a pretty straight forward, typical YA/NA book about 2 friends and 1 guy, love triangle type thing and it kind of was but it kind of wasn’t. It’s so hard to explain because yes it was a story about 2 friends and 1 guy but it didn’t seem very typical to me.

The story started off in a pretty normal way – with one kind of slutty, party friend and one nerdy, stay at home friend in their senior year of high school. They go to a party one night, which of course is not something that Natalie, the nerdy friend, really ever does anymore. Brooke, the party friend, neglects her boyfriend, Aiden, and Natalie blacks out that night. When she wakes up she knows she did something she regrets but is not quite sure what she did or who (ha!). As she tries to find out what occurred that night things are of course mysterious to throw off both her and the reader which I find irritating.

From there the POV switches back and forth between Brooke and Natalie which threw me off since this comes almost halfway through the book, if not over halfway through it. Switching POV seems much more natural if it occurs early on in the narrative. I think we as readers were supposed to like Brooke and feel sorry for her at some point in the story. That point never came for me. Not once did I start to think oh she’s doing X because Y happened to her or because she’s wanting attention from certain people. I just generally didn’t like her or the way she treated anyone in the book. If the point was for her to become a lovable bitch character that was never achieved for me.

As for Natalie I did like her more than Brooke but I was still annoyed with some of her actions as well as Aiden’s. There is a typical confusion in the book that could have been cleared up easily and those kind of things I can forgive if I love the characters but I didn’t here. There was one particular plot point I don’t want to give away that really irritated me because it’s so annoyingly common.

I’m bumping up to 3 stars because the book is well written and the characters are fleshed out, I just didn’t really enjoy the book all that much.

3/5 Stars

ARC provided via NetGalley in return for an honest review.


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