Book Review: The Party Girl by Tamara Morgan

18365257 I’ve really enjoyed the Tamara Morgan books that I’ve read and this one is definitely no different. This is the third in her Getting Physical series of books but I can attest that they do not need to be read in any particular order. Somehow I picked up the second book first and the first book second, and while the characters are connected they were not so connected that I couldn’t figure out what was going on. It didn’t dampen my reading enjoyment in the slightest.

Kendra Khuso is a highly confident woman who loves her job and is focused mainly on building her business that she’s built with her partners. While her traditional Indian family doesn’t exactly agree with her lifestyle she doesn’t care and chooses to regard men as much more of a casual part of her life. When one of those casual parts of her life, Lincoln, is in trouble and needs her, she doesn’t hesitate to step in and help – thanks to her big heart. She’s introduced to Noah Walker, who lives completely off the grid and is unwilling to act on the lighting bolt of attraction they feel for each other because Lincoln is his best friend and has been in love with Kendra for about a year.

There are quite a few things I loved about this book. First of all Kendra is a character of color, which I consider a great thing as that’s not an extremely common aspect in popular romance novels. However, the cover seemed a little whitewashed for me. I do know that there are always things behind the scenes with getting covers so I have no idea what happened with that. Kendra is a character that is completely confident, high maintenance and loves the plastic surgery that she’s had done. It’s a refreshing change from a more typical self conscious type of woman who wants to change to please the man she’s with. Kendra knows who she is and doesn’t really have that desire to change, which I loved.

The conflict in the book is one that makes sense and is realistic which was another refreshing change of pace. I love reading romance books with plots that could actually happen. Noah is extremely attracted to Kendra but doesn’t want to betray his friendship with Lincoln. Instead of having hijinx and mis-communications ensue, Noah discusses this with Kendra so that everyone is aware of the issues and why there can’t be any relationship between the two. Kendra can’t accept that and doesn’t really understand the way he lives or why he chooses to seclude himself away from everyone.

It was hard to see how these two could make their differences work out. Both are stubborn and like what they like but their attraction to each other is impossible to ignore. There’s a lot of passion and tension building up throughout the book due to that, which is always fun and when it explodes it does so in a spectacular fashion.

I thought this was a very well written, fun book. The ending in particular was great. There is a moment that I really wish I could quote here because it was incredibly sweet and made me actually tear up but I don’t want to give it away. Trust me, you should read this book!

4/5 Stars


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