Book Review: Breakable by Aimee L. Salter

18585972 Don’t judge a book by its’ cover in this case because while this cover actually does fit this book pretty well I don’t know if a ton of people would automatically want to buy this based just on the cover. However, it’s an interesting read, and one with an intriguing premise, although a little weird. Stacy is a 17 year old girl who looks in the mirror and sees her future self. She’s been talking to herself in the mirror (and having herself talk back) for years now. Meanwhile her social life is a hot mess. She’s been in love with her best friend, Mark, for years but he’s clueless of course. Everyone else at schools bullies her viciously, to the point that Stacy hides herself literally and figuratively in her art.

There are some big pros and some big cons for this one. I really loved how the narrative was set up – the story starts off with Stacy being in an institution and with us having no idea why. A therapist is having Stacy tell her how she ended up in this place so we get to hear everything about the bullying, Mark and her future self from the beginning plus we get the therapist’s questions and input. I’m always a fan of unique ways of presenting the actual story and this felt unique enough. Stacy is hesitant to share her story – she’s been in the institution a while and not exactly there voluntarily.

The other pro for me was how the bullying was presented. That part felt very real to me and I can see this being a book used for teens to learn a lesson. It’s interesting enough and doesn’t come across as being preachy in any way so this would be a good book for parents or teachers to use to have, either in a classroom or just to have their kids read. There are some particularly mean situations presented that weren’t exactly over the top, it seemed to me exactly like the horrible crap I read about in papers all the time.

The cons were definitely here too. While the future self in the mirror gave the book a unique feel to the book the fact that Stacy actually called the being in the mirror “future self” drove me crazy. As in “Future Self, oh future self, come here!” Wouldn’t you give yourself a name or something? Especially considering she was talking to herself in mirrors in public bathrooms too, risking being overheard. And was, in fact, overheard. Multiple times. So this just made me angry -she was obviously a smart girl so why could she not figure out this small fact?

The other con was Mark. Stacy was madly in love with him which was a huge part of the book but I could not really see why. He was a good friend to her, yes, but he was also a douche. He begins to go out with the main bully of Stacy, which makes no sense to me and throughout the book is not explained in any way that satisfied me.

Overall this was a good book and I think it has its’ appeal. The ending was particularly good and I would say the last half was better than the first. For the price I would definitely pick it up.

3.5/5 Stars


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