Book Review: Something Like Spring by Jay Bell

5199022Okay, so I had to read this. It just seemed fair that I finish? the series, I mean there aren’t any seasons left. But we will see if Bell decides to write anymore with these characters.

In Something Like Spring, we meet Jason, who is a teen going through the foster care system. His caseworker Michelle, who we remember is Jace’s sister, drops him off at his 24th foster home. The Hubbards seem like the ideal family, they’re rich and even willing to adopt. Although he is skeptical, Jason decides to follow the rules and not self-sabotage his chances at having a permanent family. Well, at least he tried being on his best behavior.

Jason is dealing with his homosexuality and it just so happens that the Hubbards, have a biological son, named Caesar who is just down the hall. Yay for temptation!!! Despite the awkwardness of them almost being brothers, Jason falls in love with Caesar. And as luck would have it, Caesar falls for Jason. Once again we are exposed to the innocence and excitement of a young relationship. But we have already read a couple Jay Bell books, and we know damn well where this is going!

To quote Jay Bell himself: Happy couples are boring.

Eventually, Jason grows out of the foster care system and ends up in Austin. Once in Texas, he is put into contact with, yup…you guessed it…Ben and Tim. They are currently in their first year of their revived relationship. They fell in love, fell apart, reconciled, and finally, have a happy and healthy relationship. Despite not being a fan of Tim, they really do appear to be madly in love this time around. Michelle and Tim are friendly towards each other even though her husband, Greg (remember…Jace’s best friend), hates him. Emma, Michelle and Greg’s daughter, is just a happy child who adores both Ben and Tim. It’s not a picture-perfect family, it’s the kind of support system that Jason needs. He’s a young man now, but he is still in need of some guidance.

I wasn’t sure how Jason was going to fit into the series at first, but he ended up becoming a great addition. All he ever wanted was a family, for people to love and to love him back. It was nice seeing this unconventional family through his eyes and watching him grow into a man from it. Tim hate aside, Something Like Spring confirms him and Ben were meant to be together. We know this because Jason flat out tells us, and he has been searching for a love just like theirs.

As for our realist romantic, Jason, he ends up finding a love like Ben and Tim’s. After a little scheming, he lands himself, William. William is great, sweet and loving, and just perfect for Jason. He is everything Jason had been searching for and so much more. But this is also a Jay Bell novel, so don’t let your guard down!

This book was a great read, and thankfully is not as heart wrenching as the others. It has its moments, but I was fully prepared for the worse to happen after every page turn. Jay Bell novels do that to you. If you’re a fan of the series, this a great wrap-up to it.

You weren’t my second choice. You were the right choice.

5/5 stars


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