Book Review: Satisfaction by Sarah Mayberry

20933353 Maggie Hendricks has a quiet, happy life. She owns a bookstore, meets with her book club and enjoys her friends. She’s satisfied with her life…pretty much. She’s just not quite satisfied with her sex life. She’s never been able to quite get there in that area and oh she has definitely tried! One of her book friends shared a particularly explicit one time encounter with her tattoo artist. Maggie finds herself so incredibly frustrated with her sex life that she wonders if this tattooist could be the answer to all of her problems.

Slight hijinx ensue when dealing with an identical twin at the tattoo place but when Maggie comes face to face with Rafel she realizes that she finds herself more than just attracted to him. Rafel doesn’t know what to make of Maggie who seems both innocent and demure but is also trying to throw herself at him. When he realizes what her issue is they discuss openly the fact that Maggie has been faking pleasure in bed with her previous boyfriends. He decides to help her with her issues and Maggie allows him to because she is pretty desperate at this point.

I read this whole book in one sitting and I loved everything about it. I don’t think this is a very common topic in romance books at all – maybe as a side topic but not as the main whole point of the book. So I felt that this was a pretty brave book all in all. I know certain topics are almost forbidden and publishers in general won’t touch and I also know that Sarah Mayberry self published this book. Good for her because I seriously LOVED it. The whole point of the book was that Maggie had never been able to have an orgasm – with a man or by herself – and how frustrating she found this. Just reading the first few chapters were pretty damn freeing for me because that’s not exactly a topic that’s open for a lot of people in general. So A+++++ to the topic right away.

What I love about Sarah Mayberry books and what she did really well here is the development of the characters in the relationship, their feelings and that’s it – she concentrates so much on these two people that it feels like they are the only people in the world. Which is exactly how it feels when you’re in a new relationship. So when they finally come up for air and look around and blink it feels like that’s what we’re doing too. Oh yeah, there are other characters in this book, I forgot.

The whole book feels like a build up, the passion between the two main characters is there from the beginning and it slowly is building between the two until it reaches their happily ever after conclusion. I enjoyed the journey they took to get to the end, and how open they were with each other along the way. The last 3 Sarah Mayberry releases have been 5 stars from me and I can’t wait to read more of her books.

Book received in return for an honest review.

5 Stars


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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Satisfaction by Sarah Mayberry

    • Karen – just click on the Amazon link at the bottom of the review. Should be super easy! Or you can go to Amazon and search for Sarah Mayberry and the title since she has a lot of back list titles. Let me know if you can’t find it – Melinda

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