Book Review: While it was Snowing by Elyssa Patrick

20693523 This novella was originally released around Christmas s part of a duet and I wrote a review of it then. It’s being re-released today on it’s own so I’m re-posting my review as well (which was originally posted elsewhere too) because I really, really loved it!

Elyssa Patrick’s novella, While it was Snowing, is up next. I’m a fan of this author’s other work and I was completely not disappointed. I loved her book Stay With Me from last year which is a low angst New Adult book. This novella is completely different – zero angst and more adult. So I was super happy to see that I still loved her voice in a different area.

The scene opens with Felicity, naked, whip creaming herself into a bikini for her best friend Harry, who has no idea this is going on. The opening scene had me laughing at the vivid description of Felicity trying to figure this out and then realizing how freaking cold the whip cream actually was. Immediately I love Felicity. She comes across as extremely confident, plus size, cursing and hilarious. I adore her. She owns a company called Fat Lady Sweets. Love. Her.

When Harry gets there I’m even more in love. He’s an adorable beta nerd who has no idea how cute he is, wears a bow tie and ruffles his hair. Oh, and he’s a virgin. Let me remind you that Felicity is naked, well – in a whip cream bikini of sorts. Chaos ensues. Harry produces a contract, which is my second favorite moment. We don’t see the entire thing (which is almost 17 pages) but I wish we could have because I was laughing at every single point.

My favorite moment is the spider of death moment because I was truly laughing out loud here.

A big, nasty, black spider. Waiting for her. Planning to kill her.
And then it started to move.
She screamed.
And screamed.
And screamed some more.
She scrambled out of the shower, keeping her eye on the Spider of Death and took the shower curtain with her. Her legs tangled with the fabric and oh my God, what if there were more spiders on the shower curtain? What if they were climbing on her body right now and laying spider eggs everywhere?

Okay, obviously there is way more to this than this snippet but seriously I was laughing so hard at certain parts. I thoroughly enjoyed this and thought it was a great read. Not everyone can write good novellas- and I thought this one was just about perfect.

Overall I give this novella 4.5 stars. It releases today and is only 99 cents! For this price I highly recommend it.

I received an ARC in return for an honest review.

4.5/5 Stars


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