Book Review: The Ghost Slept Over by Marshall Thornton

5199022Ok, have you ever had that one ex-boyfriend who just never seems to go away? Like he’s basically haunting you. If so, then maybe you should read The Ghost Slept Over.

Cal Parsons is a forty year old actor who is currently homeless. He has been tossed out by his latest boyfriend, and is living in his Ford Ranger. His only source of income is performing his one-man-show about Rock Hudson for $50 wherever he can. Honestly, I would probably pay to see that show, I really like Rock Hudson. Anyways, things are bleak for our main character, but he stays optimistic. Cal believes that with some help, he can make his show a hit. I mean, he did have success in a soft-core porn film called Lust/Anger/Joy when he was younger.

While Cal waits for his career to really take off, Dewitt (Dewey) Morgan, enters the story. Dewitt is a small town lawyer of Marlboro and has been urgently trying to contact Cal. Fearing a lawsuit, Cal reluctantly gives him a call. Luckily for Cal, no one is trying to sue him. Turns out, he has just inherited the estate of a recently deceased ex-boyfriend, McCormack (Mac) Williams. Which is crazy since they haven’t seen each other in 15 years. They ended badly and Mac was a total douche and swore he never loved Cal. But why question it? So Cal ditches the Ford and travels to New York in order to claim his inheritance. We should all take a lesson from Cal on how to get our ex’s to leave us a couple million dollars instead of hateful voicemails.

When Cal arrives at the estate he is met by Dewey and there is an immediate connection between the two. But Surprise!, there was a catch to inheritance, Mac isn’t really gone. He’s dead, but his ghost remains and he wants Cal to die and join him in the afterlife. No biggie! Cal turns the offer down of course, because he is quite smitten by Dewey. Mac doesn’t take being turned down very well and tries to sabotage Cal and Dewey’s budding relationship. Cal must now deal with a stubborn ghost who won’t go to the other realm or even the other room for that matter. Hell, he doesn’t even leave the bed when Cal and Dewey have at it. It was little odd, I admit.

Can Cal rid himself of Mac? Will he and Dewey be able to survive a ghost with no boundaries? Or will Dewey think Cal is just crazy? Will Mac succeed in killing, I mean convincing Cal? If you want the answers, read the book! Mac alone is worth the time. His antics and the humor they bring is delightful. You will hate the man, but love the ghost.

I gave the book 4/5 stars because I had a few issues. The scenes without Mac dragged a little for me. I don’t know if it was that I got really attached to him and wanted him to cause more mischief or what, but I just didn’t give a shit about Cal and Dewey’s alone time. That brings me to the next problem, the humor totally outweighs the romance. Which is okay if you go into the book to be entertained and not for a great love story. It was a cliché: Hi, I’m Cal, I have typical emotional baggage. Hi, I’m Dewey, I do too. Let’s work them out together and fall in love. All that aside, the book was funny and fun. If anything, read it for the ghost sex scene. Wink*

I know what kind of underwear you wear without your having to pull your pants down.

4/5 stars


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