Book Review: Capture by Annabelle Jacobs

5199022Despite my sarcastic and bitchy attitude, I usually try to find the joy in things, especially books. But sometimes it’s really hard to do so. I have just recently gotten into the MM Romance genre and have become fully aware of the love clichés, the characters’ inner struggles, the fantasy setting, and so on and so forth. Even though there has been an overall repeated general plot (Boy likes boy. Boy shouldn’t like boy. Boy must overcome something to be with boy), most authors have managed to keep it fresh…until now. Warning: This Review is Filled with Sarcasm.

Our story takes place in Torsere, a kingdom currently under threat. King Ryneq (which I kept pronouncing in my head as renege for some reason) and his sister, Cerylea (Shirley with a lisp?) parents were killed by the Rodeth (Rode it) and Athisi (A sissy) armies. If you can’t tell by now, I hated the names. Hated them. I get the originality, but come on. Anyways, so not only did Ryneq inherit the throne, but also the wars. So for protection for his kingdom, Cerylea is betrothed to the elven prince, Morkryn (not a very sexy elf name).

When the elves visit Torsere, they want to learn more about the dragons and their riders. Oh, did I forget to mention that for some reason there’s dragons and special people who can ride them in the kingdom of Torsese and it’s the only kingdom to have this? I understood there needed to be something special about the kingdom to make the others jealous, but I found it hard to believe that the elves couldn’t already do it. Unless Jacobs might have had new twist on elves! Nope. The elves are pretty much your average Lord of the Ring elves. Hidden kingdom in the woods, magic from nature, attractive/beautiful, and also powerful. So now we have dragons from Avatar, and lame elves. If you’re wondering why a kingdom with dragons needs protection and help from elves, just keep it to yourself.

Enter new, young, sexy dragon rider Nykin and his dragon Fimor (They can talk to each other btw). Ryneq asks Nykin to demonstrate the magical dragon rider bond for the elves. But wait, Nykin is so handsome and uh oh…Ryneq is immediately attracted to him. Shockingly, nothing can come of it because of his duties as king. I’ve read/watched enough medieval things to know that Ryneq could easily just order Nykin to his side. But instead, he stays focused on his sister’s marriage and the kingdom’s war threats.

On their way to the wedding, Ryneq decides to travel through the forest, a place the dragons and riders can’t go. I mean, of course he would, it’s not like his kingdom has been under attack or anything and the dragons are his best defense. Surprise! They are ambushed and Ryneq is taken prisoner! All hope for his kingdom is lost.

But wait! Nykin can rescue the king! He’ll do anything to save Ryneq (because he loves him?), and for some reason he is the only one who probably can. No one else. No other dragon rider should go. Seriously? They have dragons! I just don’t get it! I guess it works for the story and Nykin and Ryneq’s journey to true love.

Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed in the book. There was just nothing original about it. There was a lot of descriptive writing, but plot details seemed forgotten. It just felt like a hodgepodge of kings, princesses, elves, dragons, and dragon riders (all with crazy ass names). And there was a love story forced thrown somewhere in there too. If you decide to read, two words: Buyer Beware.

1/5 stars


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