Book Review: Legally Wed by Rick R. Reed

5199022Remember that one movie, The Wedding Planner? And remember how you wished all the main characters were men? Well, Legally Wed gives you what you want.

Duncan is a thirty-seven-year-old elementary school teacher who desperately wants to get married to the person he loves, have kids, and live happily ever after. So when same sex marriage becomes legal in Washington (the state not D.C.), he proposes to his boyfriend of three years, Tucker. But instead of saying yes, Tucker refuses and also dumps Duncan. Womp womp. Heartbroken and drunk, Duncan decides that in order to be happy and married, he needs a woman. I mean, that’s the logical choice when you’re drunk. The next obvious thing to do once he has figured this out, was to post a Craigslist ad for a Gay Man Seeking a Woman to Marry.

Enter Marilyn. Despite numerous replies to his ad, Marilyn stands out. She’s unique, funny, and outspoken, so Duncan decides to meet her. After meeting at a coffee shop, they soon realize that they have a lot in common. They soon hit it off, spending lots of time together at gay bars, restaurants, and their apartments. Marilyn had always been a fan of gay men and m/m romance, so she was excited to have found Duncan. And one fateful night after a few drinks, because the best decisions are made when you are drunk (this is one of the lessons I learned from the book), she proposes to Duncan and he accepts. After working out some details, Marilyn suggests a professional wedding planner.

Enter third wheel, Peter Dalrymple. Peter, is a tall, hot, gay, muscular bear. Duncan is immediately attracted to Peter, and the feeling is mutual. However, because this is m/m romance, they can’t act upon their urges because of Peter’s professionalism and Duncan’s morals. But seriously though…he’s marrying a woman because he was drunk and heartbroken…I think she’ll understand if he just returns to men. Anyways, just before the wedding, Duncan meets with Peter alone. Well, once alone, Peter gives in, grabs Duncan and kisses him. Despite kinda liking it, Duncan pushes Peter away and fires him.

Duncan’s sister, Scout, who is aware of his thing for Peter, calls him to inform him of a family tragedy. So Duncan heads off to Pennsylvania without even notifying Marilyn. This marriage is definitely doomed. While in Pennsylvania, Scout yells at Duncan, calling him a fool for marrying Marilyn and ruining his chances of being truly happy. His sister, who has always been supportive, gets through to him. Once home, he finds a distraught Marilyn and he realizes that he didn’t even think of her while he was away. Duncan calls off the engagement with the understanding that he only loved Marilyn as a friend. Amazing the things we realize when we’re sober.

Realizing what he really wanted, Duncan contacts Peter. They are now free to act on their attraction to each other. Will they live happily ever after? Will Duncan get the family he desires? And what of Marilyn? Will she get her happy ending? Read the book to find out!

I enjoyed the story immensely. But then I also really liked The Wedding Planner, so it was going to be a given. There were a few places where the story drags but nothing major. The secondary characters were excellent and aided to the overall humor of the story. Big step up from the crap I read last week!

And that’s not even counting the disasters–the one-time only dates with lunatics, egomaniacs, and Mama’s boys.

5/5 stars


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