Book Review: Her Kind of Trouble by Sarah Mayberry

18668405 Vivian Walker isn’t exactly the black sheep of her family, but she’s pretty much the screw up who can’t get it together enough to even make the wedding dress she promised to make her sister in time for her wedding. At said wedding Vivian is feeling completely out of place since she is nowhere near ready to settle down and is overwhelmingly ready to get out of there. The brother of the groom, Seth Anderson, knows exactly how she feels. After some sarcastic banter and hitting it off they decide to have some one-time-only fun in the limo. And was it ever fun and memorable! They go their separate ways and Vivian moves to the US to start an actual career.

10 years later, she is moving back to be around her family and to start her business. Vivian finds herself around Seth more and more with their chemistry just as hot as before. Seth, however, is becoming a father very soon and while it wasn’t planned is pretty excited about it. Seth ends up needing quite a bit of help due to circumstances outside of his control and Vivian surprisingly finds herself helping him out time and again, and not minding it at all.

This book has some very overwhelming sad moments to it, and could easily have been weighed down in those moments. Fortunately, in Mayberry’s hands, this didn’t happen. She was able to take a situation that was very serious and wind it into the romance that happened between Seth and Vivian. I really loved both of these characters. I especially loved Vivian because of the indecision the author was able to show her have. The indecision made complete sense in the context of the situation she was in, an I appreciated that Vivian didn’t make up her mind in about 2 seconds.

I’m starting to wonder if Sarah Mayberry can write something I don’t like. Everything she’s published in the last few years I own and love and I’ve been working my way through her back list and without fail I love those too. She just writes in a very realistic way, which is something I really love in the contemporary romances I read. If you haven’t read any of hers before you seriously need to start!

4 Stars

I received an ARC in return for an honest review.



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