Shotgun Lovesongs by Nickolas Butler


Hank, Lee, Ronny and Kip all grew up together in a small farming community of Little Wing. The land is in their blood. Each man grew they went to discover their own lives. Hank, married his childhood sweetheart Beth, who all the other guys know and grew up with as well, Lee chased his dreams of being a musician, Kip went onto become a big shot commodities broker in Chicago and Ronny became an rodeo star.

The stories are told, at first in a whole, then as individual chapters. You see how Ronny who’s star rose and quickly fell due to alcoholism and an accident, which left him a bit slower than the rest. Lee who became a star but could never leave behind his hometown and found peace from a hectic lifestyle. Hank, who never left, found solace in the land and in his family. Kip eventually returned home to renovate a run down mill that featured heavily in their childhoods. They all remain friends and share their lies together. Weddings happen and heartaches come along as well . Things go on as normal until a deep held secret comes out which could impact the life long friendship of Lee and Hank.

What made this book different is that it was told mostly from a totally male perspective. What they thought, how they viewed life, love and friendship in small town America. Fame meant nothing to them, the lifestyle that Lee lead made him long for normality and to just hand out with his friends. It showed a wonderful view of a small farming community and the ties that bind. It shows the struggle of Hank and his family to keep his head above water and no matter how poor you monetarily you can be rich in other things.

This is a first novel by Mr. Butler and I can’t wait to see what he writes next!

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5/5 stars



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