Book Review: The Unwanted by Jeffrey Ricker

5199022I really enjoyed The Unwanted, it was basically the gayified version of Percy Jackson. Despite some major clichés that occur, I found myself engrossed in the story; but then again, I’m a sucker for mythology. This is an unusually short review for me, but I didn’t want to have to write “SPOILER ALERT” over and over. If you want to know more about the story, you’re going to just have to read it.

The story starts off with Jamie, a skinny, short, gay sixteen year old. He is the only out kid in his high school, is constantly being bullied. His main bully is Billy, the school jock, who torments him every chance he gets. But today, Billy steps up his game and punches Jamie in the face. So Jamie leaves the school without permission and heads home. Waiting for him when he gets home is his mom, which is a surprise considering she’s supposed to be dead. Oh and there’s also a winged horse in the backyard.

Well it turns out that his dad had lied to him and his mom was never dead, she’s just an Amazon. Yes, Amazon, as in the mythological warrior women. His mom explains, that since he was born a boy, he had been left with his dad to raise. But now she has returned because there’s a crisis at hand and a prophecy says Jamie might be the only one that can save her people.

So, Jamie and his best friend Sarah band together with Billy to help his mother. Why Billy, you ask. Well, this is m m romance and foes becoming lovers should have been a given. Will they be able to save an ancient race? You might have doubts, but don’t worry, our little Jamie does acquire some skills and becomes a semi-good fighter. He didn’t just leave everything to his brute, Billy.

Considering the story is about the Amazons, you’d expect the action of the story to be the primary focus, especially with things like spiteful gods and prophecies. But the story is pretty low-key. It still moves along though, Jamie had a great narrative and a wonderful sense of humor. We all know how much I love a wicked sense of humor. Plus, it was obvious the story was just building towards something epic. And luckily, Ricker didn’t disappoint! I was struggling on who to trust through the book, and Ricker hit me with some major reveals at the end that I didn’t see coming.

Like I said, there weren’t a whole lot of epic fights, but that didn’t bother me. I liked the book regardless. And even with the “chosen one to save” prophecy that I’m familiar with (I read comic books), I found The Unwanted delightful. Somehow, the clichés just worked for me in this one. Plus the ending was perfectly bittersweet. I hate not giving you all more, but

Like putting handcuffs on an Amazon.

5/5 stars


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