Book Review: Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher

18246727 Some books get lots of hype. I try to avoid those books usually but I’m weak, I can’t help it! Especially when those books are hyped by a lot of people I follow. Mud Vein is a book that got a lot of hype about how great the book was, so I decided I had to check it out.

The book seemed to me to be separated into 3 sections – the first of which is that novelist Senna Richards wakes up, locked in a house, in the middle of nowhere. With her is an old friend, Isaac. They have no idea where they are or why they are there. The house is well stocked with food and clothing in their correct sizes but that’s about it. They linger there trying to figure out what’s going on but get nowhere and soon weeks and months pass by. There are many parts of this section that is kind of a mind f*ck.

The second section is a flashback of how Senna and Isaac know each other. Technically they aren’t really friends – they used to be something but not friends per se. Senna was raped a few years before the kidnapping took place and Isaac was the one who came along right after it took place and brought her to the hospital. Senna is also diagnosed with breast cancer almost immediately after and Isaac happens to be an oncological surgeon. She asks him to be her surgeon and he ends up becoming more and pretty much is her life line that entire year or so even though she tries to push him away the entire time.

The third section attempts to bring the first two sections together. Which seemed to be a pretty insurmountable task to me because the first two sections had such a huge disconnect to each other. I really enjoy a good psychological thriller and that’s what I was thinking I was getting going into this and even still when I was in the midst of the first section. But I found nothing all that thrilling about the book. I was vaguely wondering why Senna and Isaac were kidnapped but that was completely squashed by section 2. I thought that the second section would give us character development and insight into the two victims of this crime and their actions while in this bizarre house. But if anything, all the second section did was make me dislike the characters more and more and not care what happened to them.

The clincher of the book is the bizarre ending. I do not understand what that mess of an ending was about. It didn’t make sense to me and I felt like it was jumbled up – as if there were pieces from 3 different books.

Maybe I fell for all of the hype that this book got, I’m guessing that’s partly true. But overall I was just really not a fan of this one.

2 Stars



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