Someone Was Here by George Whitmore


This is a book about AIDS and is snapshots of real stories taken from interviews that the writer conducted. These stories take place between 1983 to 1987 at the height of the epidemic.

It’s not an easy book to review because it is short real life stories of sufferers and their family and loved ones. It’s full of heartbreak, love and forgiveness, these stories are hard to read. There is data in here, due to when the stories were written, is out of date and pretty irrelevant to today. In saying that the stories themselves are still relevant as to the horror of the disease. This book does remind me a bit of And the Band Played On to a certain degree with the start of the disease, stats and so on.

I had done volunteer work in an AIDS hospice and the people that were there got the disease through drug use of through heterosexual means. It was heartbreaking to witness one man who’s wife deserted him towards the end and she wouldn’t let him see his children in his final days. He craved human contact and I used to wrap my arms around him and hold him as he cried at not being able to see his kids. There was also laughter, love and tears as well as the hard day-to-day facts of living with AIDS.

Personal stories like this should not be forgotten; the disease should not be forgotten. AIDS has been pushed to the back burner and is hardly mentioned now due to better drugs and therapies that now make living a long live with it possible. It is still there and sadly these stories continue.


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4/5 stars





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2 thoughts on “Someone Was Here by George Whitmore

  1. The timeframe for these stories hits it right in the heart of the matter, when the winds of change were blowing across America. Thanks for your review and for your work in the hospice.

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