Book Review: Love Show by Audrey Bell

20644478 I buy books on various recommendations – friends, blogs, people I follow on twitter, some authors I really like and of course reviews that I read. I buy them, file them into various folders on my kindle (but let’s be serious here at least 85-90% of my purchases go into my romance folder, where they rightfully belong!) and then I get them out to read as I have time or think of them. The downfall of my oh so scientific method is that I’m usually not sure who recommended a certain book to me or even why I bought a certain book. Normally that is not an issue unless I have a strong reaction to a book and then I either want to say a huge thank you or slap the recommender, either one.

That was the situation with this book. When I was finished with it I needed to say a huge thank you to whoever recommended this book to me! I loved it so much!

Hadley Arrington is the career-driven Editor-in-Chief of her university’s prestigious newspaper. Hadley is in her Senior year and trying to get her dream job as a combat reporter with the New York Times but when her roommate David convinces her to do something out of ordinary it changes her life for good. Jack Diamond is a laid back student whose good looks have made things even easier than they need to be. Hadley kisses Jack in the rain on a dare from David and from there the sparks are heavy enough that they decide to embark on a friends with benefits relationship which is totally new for Hadley.

I liked so much about this book, it dealt with so much of what college students deal with all the time – Hadley and Jack are dealing with two sides of the “What do I want to do with my life” question. I loved seeing the two opposites and seeing them in a relationship together. Hadley was so sure of herself and of what she wanted for her career and that never wavered. While on the flip side Jack embraced his unknown future.

I also really loved Hadley’s character in general. She is an intelligent woman, in control of her life. There wasn’t any hysterics or huge misunderstandings which led to big plot twists. She was a really great friend and roommate to David and spoke her mind but without coming off as overly dramatic. Basically she felt very real to me, as if I know a Hadley in real life.

The secondary character and storyline of David is fantastic. He’s gay and his evolution throughout the book really moved me. I thought that his character added a lot to this book

Overall this is a very intelligently done book and one I would recommend to anyone. I recently read Special Interests by Emma Barry and this was another very intelligent romance as well. Julie James’s books with her lawyer characters and sometimes courtroom settings is another one that comes to mind of other smart love stories.

5 Stars



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