Book Review: All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner

18144115 Allison Weiss has the life she always wanted – the husband, daughter and all around good life. She gets to work from home, writing for a blog that has taken off and is getting busier and busier although her husband’s work life is adding stress to their home life. Okay and her semi perfect life at home isn’t so perfect because her daughter is kind of difficult to deal with, being very sensitive to everyday things. Allison is dealing with her father’s Alzheimer’s while her mother is pretty much not dealing with it at all. So her life is kind of falling apart around her and she finds that the Percocet she was prescribed once helps her deal with her daughter, Eloise’s, high pitched screams. The painkillers take the edge off her every day life and Allison finds herself popping them more and more and then figuring out how exactly to get more.

There were parts of the book that stuck out to me as painfully realistic. The descriptions of Allison’s battles with her daughter struck me as something I’ve definitely heard other women discuss before but is not seen openly portrayed. Eloise is sensitive to day to day life – noises and colors and just life in general. Children like that must be hard to deal with on the parents but the author did a great job of showing but the struggles and the joy of being a parent.

However the relationships between Alison and her own parents were not as realistic to me. These were portrayed both through flashbacks and in present day and I just couldn’t get a good handle on her relationship with them. The Alzheimer’s presented another stress for Allison in present day to overcome but the relationship didn’t seem to be fully developed to me.

The later part in the book deals with Allison’s painkiller abuse and I didn’t feel that was nearly as strong as the first part of the book. It seemed very rushed to me and not nearly as flushed out. We get an outcome to everything but it seemed to me that a lot was glossed over. I would have preferred to get more details in this part as well.

I’m a big fan of Weiner’s earlier work. Good In Bed is a fantastic book and one of my favorites. I didn’t think this was nearly as strong as that was but the first half was interesting and funny. If that would have continued throughout I would have given the whole book 4 stars but the last part pulled it down a bit for me.

ARC provided by the publisher via Netgally in return for an honest review.

3 Stars


Amazon Available June 17th


One thought on “Book Review: All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner

  1. Interesting. I was wondering about this book, especially after reading the memoir DRUNK MOM. I would suppose this book would have held my attention more so. Thanks for the review.

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