The Fever By Meg Abbott


The story is about a small, unmemorable town, somewhere USA in which three girls come down with a “mysterious and contagious” illness. The blurb makes it sound like a really interesting read, but no.

What it says it is and what it’s really about are two different things altogether. One girl has a seizure and the whole school goes insane! Girls are freaking out and all of her friends want to leave school because of the trauma of it all. Kids are wandering in and out of school so easily making me wonder if the writer ever went to high school. One teacher is just about brainwashing these girls that sex is bad…. Very bad and just think of all of the diseases you can get (shock, horror!). When one girl wants to see her friend in hospital and finds it so easy to get in and out even when there is a media circus outside and the wards are just about locked down. After the 3rd girl gets admitted with a seizure the hospital is treating it as a CDC hazard sight! Hush, hush conspiracies abound and no info is coming out about the girls and to be honest it’s so tedious that I didn’t care if they lived or died. Kids and parents alike are going insane, unknown “authority” figures are just wandering around questioning girls behind their parents back. The whole thing is pretty much mass hysteria on an insane scale over three….. yes just three girls in one school, one who is in a coma and the other with unexplained hysterical conditions.

The characters are cardboard cutouts of each other, well the girls are anyways and the adults aren’t any better. None are interesting enough to care about and they are so whiny and self absorbed about themselves and the very naughty business of sex that it all drives you a bit bonkers.

Useless misdirection of ludicrous theories about what is happening to these girls and the points of views are all over the place. I skimmed about 3/4 of the book just to find out what was causing this “mysterious” illness and I was disappointed to say the least. If it wasn’t on my Kindle I would have thrown it across the room in sheer anger.

ARC provided by Netgalley.

1/5 stars


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