Book Review: Beauty and the Bookworm by Nick Pageant

bookOk, so I’m going to keep using the World Cup as an excuse and you all are going to just have to deal with it. I wasn’t a huge soccer fan before this, but there’s something about being in Brazil while it’s going on that changes a person. Anyways, I needed a nice short read that I could finish between matches; and I obviously found one or you wouldn’t be reading this review about it.

Mason Leery is a cardigan-loving, geeky librarian who lives his life through his m/m romance novels. I will admit it was really hard to relate to a bookworm, wink*. The polar opposite of Mason, Shane Beaumont, is a physical trainer and masseuse. Shane is also beautiful, hint the title. Our two MC’s meet one fateful day at the park where Mason is reading and Shane is jogging. Shane trips over Mason’s feet and ends up getting his shorts caught in a tree, exposing his green jock strap. When Shane bends over to pull up his shorts, Mason gets flashed, and it’s love at first sight, wink*.

Thus begins the wonderful romance/relationship of our two MC’s and you immediately fall in love with them. I especially liked Shane’s attempts to impress Mason and fulfill his sexual fantasies. I mean, he has to compete with a ton of romance novels. Don’t worry though, there is conflict involved, this story isn’t completely unbelievably happy. I won’t give it away which secondary character is responsible for it though!

Your list of suspects who could possibly jeopardize our happy couple are:

1)      Mason’s crazy lesbian, biker grandma that he lives with. She’s definitely over-the-top! And let’s be honest, if your granny’s in a biker gang, there’s bound to be trouble.

2)      Shane’s twin brother Shawn. Who’s the good twin and who’s the evil twin? Bum bum bummmm.

3)      Mason’s BFF Twyla. She’s sassy and clingy and oh-so pregnant. Yay hormones!

4)      Mona Lisa. Not the painting, but an eco-crazy lady!

All in all, it’s a fun quick read. It’s full of laughs and super fun characters, although Twyla does get super annoying. You will totally fall in love with Mason and Shane. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get myself mentally prepared for the knock-out rounds that start this weekend!

This story has dicks, lots and lots of dicks. Oh, so now you’re interested? I should have put dick in the first line.

5/5 stars


Buy Amazon

Buy Amazon UK (Sorry you’re out of the World Cup England. Read this book and it will cheer you up!)

*Wasn’t available on B&N


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