Book Review: Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

bookOkay, so there are many, many, many reasons why you should own this book. But in all honesty, the only real reason is the illustrations. I mean, look at that penguin! Look at it!!! How freaking cute is that thing?! And they’re floating around in an umbrella! AN UMBRELLA!!!

I first encountered this book in a cute little bookstore in our mall, in Brazil. Needless to say, the whole book was in Portuguese. But I didn’t care, the cover had me hooked. So I flipped through the pages, absolutely mesmerized by the illustrations. I wanted the book right then and there, but decided against it because of my inability to read it. Luckily for me though, my sister decided to send me a copy in English! Best. Day Ever.

What would you do if you opened your door one day and found a sad looking penguin? Well that’s where our story begins. The boy assumes the penguin must be lost and tries to find out where the penguin belongs. He asked around, but no one seemed to be missing a penguin. Then he discovers the penguin’s home is at the South Pole. So together they sail off in a rowboat to the South Pole. They spend many days and nights on the ocean, bonding over the stories the boy tells.

When they finally reach the South Pole and drop off the penguin, he still seems sad for some reason. I wonder what could be wrong. Does the story end there? Guess you have to read it for yourself!

Short review. Deal with it. It’s an adorable kids book.

Some birds are like that.

5/5 stars


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