Book Review: One Plus One by Jojo Moyes

18693716 Jess is essentially a single mother of her daughter Tanzie, 8, and stepson Nicky, a teenager, and the whole family is extremely own on their luck. Jess can barely make ends meet working two jobs, Nicky is plagued by constant bullies and Tanzie is a genius at Math but is different and picked on as well. The quirky family is just trying to get by when Jess tries to take advantage of a huge opportunity for Tanzie that could open up doors for her future.

Ed Nichols is the complete opposite and has a huge fortune from his software company. However, he made a large mistake and may be in trouble for inside trading. He can’t go into the office, see his work friends and he is too embarrassed to see his family.

Even just re-reading the above I’m amazed that the author was able to make this story come together in a way that made sense. But not only did it make sense this book was so touching and funny yet raw that it made me cry a few times. This isn’t really a romance per se as much as a contemporary fiction but there were parts that struck a chord with me and I think it would with most readers as well.

All of their lives become intertwined in a completely crazy, mishap kind of way that doesn’t seem crazy or mishap at all. Instead, it reads as a glimpse into a portion of their lives that happen to be pretty awful at the moment.

What I found so great about this book was the humor. The humor is kind of dark at times since everyone is pretty down on their luck but Tanzie and Nicky in particular were hilarious. Tanzie looks on the bright side at every opportunity even though she has a pretty crappy life right now. Their dog provides the greatest comic relief for me but I’m kind of partial to animals in books.

The author’s writing is really wonderful in the characters she creates leave an impact. I’ve read a few books by her now and while the books are vastly different in their plot, tone and characters, the characters are very memorable and stick with you. I can’t wait to read more from her.

ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in return for an honest review.

5 Stars





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