Death: A Life by George Pendle


3845819Death, have you ever thought about him, not actual physical death but the spectre called Death. How did he come about, when did he find his calling or his thoughts a feelings? Well if you ever did then this book is for you.

Death calls on George Pendle to write his life story, to clear up any misunderstandings and to show how he almost became ‘human’. The story starts in Hell. Sin, Death’s mother and Satan, his father, gave him the usual demonic upbringing of fire, torture, abuse and overall hatred, all of which he enjoyed. He guarded the Gates of Hell with his mother for a while until dad decided to take his wife and son to the new planet of Earth. Creation had just begun and Satan and his wife decided to cause a bit of a stir while Death wandered around trying to find his purpose in life. He hung out in the Garden of Eden talking to the trees and other new life there, stumbled onto the cave where Adam and Eve were living when God called down to earth to tell them not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge, but as the name tags of all the trees were mixed up it took some finding to get to the tree. Death talked to God and told him he had a purpose but didn’t know what it was, God said something would come up and it did in the form of a unicorn. That unicorn was Death’s first victim. Death doesn’t cause death, he just gathers the souls to move them on.

We see the whole of history from the stories of the Battle of Heaven right through to modern times through the eyes of Death, how he goes from botched attempts to collect souls to gathering them on mass scales. He talks to the souls, finds out more about them before he sends them to the darkness, but things start to change and Death gets tired of death and wants to live, to have a life and to do all the things he can’t do. He suffers a breakdown after joining forces with the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, he hates the destruction of all the death and embraces life…. Naturally he is put into rehab to overcome his happiness.

This is one funny story! I rather enjoy satirical books about religion and this one is no exception.   I know that a lot of people don’t like books that poke fun at religion thinking it as sacrilege but I take them as they are meant to be, a bit of fun and a laugh.


4/5 stars



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