Book Review: The Suffragette Scandal by Courtney Milan

17343236 Frederica Marshall – better known as Free – lives her life the way she wants to without worrying about anyone else. She runs a newspaper for women and by women, and does outrageous things to get the stories such as going undercover and getting arrested. Multiple times. So she has enemies who would like to make her stop talking about women’s rights. So when the self proclaimed scoundrel, Edward Clark, swoops in one day announcing that there is a plot to out her out of business permanently she’s not totally surprised. Free is more surprised by Edward really.

They plot together to halt the take down of the newspaper and of Free in general. All the while getting closer to each other. Edward tries to distance himself from Free the best he can but he is too far gone for her at that point. He has kept a terrible secret that would definitely destroy Free if she knew and has no clue how to extricate himself from all of this.

I loved this book because of Milan’s writing. She does wonderful characters that draw you in. We’ve met Free in previous books of hers but you can definitely read this book alone as well and not be confused at all. Free is just completely not the norm for the time that she is in which is why I love to read it and seems to be classic Milan. Her previous female characters have been the same – just not able to fit into the small box society wanted women to get into and stay. Free speaks her mind and not only that she uses her successful newspaper to spread that as far as she can. It’s really refreshing to see female characters in period pieces not being restricted and is probably the main reason why I love Milan so much.

Her other characters are just as vibrant though – Edward was heart breakingly perfect. He wasn’t a perfect man, he is definitely a scoundrel and by the end of the book we know why and completely love him regardless. Amanda is another character that I just wanted to give a hug to – throughout the book I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why she was so…almost timid with certain things. Even though she is Free’s right hand person. But all is revealed by the end of the book as well and she is one I would like a novella on because I want more of her back story!

This book has everything you could want in one book – a lot of action and sneaking around, a ton of humor, romance, just about everything. There were even letters being exchanged, which for me is perfection. I love, love, LOVE books that contain an epistolary touch in them – letters, texts, notes, anything. And these were awesome, funny and touching.

I always love Courtney Milan books and I’m pretty sure just about anyone who reads her does too. So give her a try, this one is a great one to try!!

ARC was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in return for an honest review.

5 Stars



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