Look Who’s Back by Timur Vermes



Is that? No, it can’t be. Yes it is Hitler on the cover. Adolph Hitler wakes to find himself on a field in Berlin 2011. No mention is made as to how or why this has happened and by the end of the first two chapters or so you don’t even question it yourself. He finds himself lost and wondering what has happened to him and where all the others must be. He is dressed in the military uniform of his day and when seen by others he is mistaken as a comedian, part of a duo act.

This book finds Hitler discovering the ways of the modern world, new technology, a new political system and a new world that is alien to him but he manages to find his way around this. Through a series of encounters he is made into a comedy/satirical act that has become a hit, not only on TV but also on You Tube. Everyone thinks him a mad and eccentric actor who never breaks character and never believes for a moment that he is THE Hitler.

This book brings up the ghosts of the German past and tries to make a comedy of it. The Nazi salute, which has been outlawed in Germany for years, is tossed about in the book, along with chants of Mein Furher and other things that are deemed no-nos. It also brings up the past about Jews and racisms. Hitler in this book still goes on political rants, his hatred of the Jews and how he wants to get back into government. In a mad twist at the end he is revered as a character who is anti violent, which in itself is a joke. He does have to confront the issue of Jews who were gassed and does it in such a way that is so very wrong but because he has the charisma he pulls it off and looks ok. This book tries to make a mockery of Hitler but in the end it doesn’t work as well as it should. It shows that he is starting to change the people around him to his way of thinking, his charisma and charm seem to bring about things in people that shouldn’t be happening….. again.

This book will offend some and it is a strange read. I must admit I did laugh out loud in some parts that are actually funny. Some parts made me angry and some made me think. It received pretty good reviews in Germany and only a German could write a book such as this. I started this review not sure how I would rate it. I was going to go for a 2 for the length of the political rants but the originality of the concept made me lean toward a 5. I am going to give it a 4.

4/ 5 stars


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