Book Review: Rock Her by Rachel Cross

17902151 Kate Gibson has spent her life taking care of other people. First her mother while she was sick and dying, then her younger sister while Kate herself went through college. Kate’s now a small town nurse living a pretty quiet life. Until she saves a surfer who has a seizure out on the water and the man who assists her is pretty much a rock god. From then on she’s thrust both into the spotlight and into being by Alec’s (the rock star) side.

I really liked the heroine for the most part. She’s a nurse, is selfless with most of her actions and in general it’s hard to not like her. But the relationship between her and her little sister drove me a little crazy. Basically her sister seemed to take complete advantage of Kate. They had been living on their mother’s life insurance policy previously but it’s pretty much run dry and Kate’s younger sister doesn’t seem to mind asking for money all of the time. What drove me even more crazy is Kate’s reaction to those requests. Actually, the whole secondary plot with Kate’s family is what cause me to not like this book as much as I could have.

The hero – Alec- is a whole different matter. I liked him mostly too, just not as much as Kate. he’s fought his demons in the past and been clean and sober now for over 10 years. Alec’s actually an entertainment lawyer since he left the Rock scene a while ago.

This is a well written book and the pacing was done well too. Everything moved along nicely and kept my attention from beginning to end easily. The characters were decent and the romance was hot but the secondary everything brought everything just down a little for me.

3 Stars



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