Book Review: The Hook Up by Kristen Callihan

“That first night. It was the best damn feeling I’ve had in my life. And I’ve won the fucking Heisman!”

Anna Jones and Drew Baylor, seniors, meet in a philosophy class. There’s a spark that Anna tries to deny. Drew acknowledges and attempts to flirt with her.

“Standing there, I became aware of myself, this big oaf, looming over her, my tongue thick in my mouth, a crazy twitch starting up on my cheek. God help me if she noticed that twitch. So I blurted out what is possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever uttered in my life, “Hey, Big Red.” “

Yeah. Shoot me now. What the holy hell had I done?”

When they do eventually hook up, Drew pushes Anna for more, a relationship beyond the casual. He gets very except when Anna refuses to kiss him. This results in their first fight.

Anna has reasons for not wanting anything resembling a relationship. She grew up watching her mom go through a revolving door of men. Drew has a tragedy in his life. Both his parents died the summer after he graduated from high school.

When they eventually have that big blowout fight (where clothing is thrown out the door), I was heartbroken for them. The fight felt authentic and not over the top to play on our emotions.

This book is fine example of the New Adult genre. Anna and her friends, Drew and his football teammates make the college believable. Add in the chemistry between Anna and Drew, great banter, and spicy sex and it makes this book one of my favorites of the year. I look forward to the next book in the series, which sadly, won’t be out until 2015.

Go buy & read this book now!

ARC kindly provided by the author.

5/5 stars





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