I, Zombie by Hugh Howey


Let me start off by saying that this isn’t your normal zombie book. There are no zombies mumbling “brains”, these zombies don’t say much of anything verbally…. Mentally, now there is a different story.

This book is told by various zombies, they are mentally aware of that is going on, but are unable to control their bodies or their never ending hunger much to their disgust and horror. They can feel, think and process the things that they are doing to their fellow man.

It’s hard to review as it’s told from many points of view. There are scenes of heartbreak as well as disgust and horror. One pregnant zombie, who was only a few days away from giving birth, is struggling with the baby zombie within her. A mother and child who face a crowd of zombies and a sacrifice has to be made. One of a zombie son locked in with his mother who is paralyzed and the hunger just won’t leave him alone. You get the picture of some of the horrors that await you. There is a story of hope as well that has you cheering on a guy who is in the process of changing into the monster he doesn’t want to become.

There is gore in this book, lots of it. There are some moments when you feel bile rising in the back of your throat but it’s so well written that you read on. Sorta like watching a car crash, you can’t help but look. You get dragged along with the zombies and you start to feel for them and the predicament they are in.

There is no real beginning, except that some kind of virus caused this, and there is no solid end to this book. It’s a series of stories that tell of a loss of will and humanity. The never ending hunger, the pain and the hopes of a final death that never seem to come.

I had to digest what this book meant and what it was supposed to convey to the reader. It whirled in my head for a few days and made me think, something I didn’t expect with this kind of book. Its funny, when I did meet Hugh Howey I told him I enjoyed this book and it made me think….that was a comment he wasn’t expecting.

4/5 stars



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