Book Review: Rebel by Amy Tintera

15769788 Rebel is the sequel to Reboot, a great different take on a kind of zombie book. The first book is told completely from Wren’s point of view. In this world HARC – Human Advancement and Repopulation Corporation- takes people who have died and bring them back to life. These Reboots became soldiers and did pretty much whatever and killed whoever HARC told them to. Wren was the perfect little soldier until Callum came along and woke her up. At the end of Reboot the two had escaped the HARC facility with the other Reboots.

In the beginning of Rebel Wren and Callum find a Reboot Reservation led by Micah outside HARC territory. While there Wren is stunned to find that he has plans to kill the humans and take back the city where they all had escaped from. Callum cannot stomach the idea of killing all of the humans and while Wren wants to look away and try to live her life she chooses to stick with Callum.

The dual perspective of this book really worked for me which is surprising as those perspectives have to be done well for me to be able to get into a book written like that. But this flowed very well and getting Callum’s point of view in this book after having it missing in Rebel made this plot even better than the previous one. Wren’s evolution was really highlighted by this dual point of view. In Reboot she was merely a soldier and in Rebel it’s obvious she begins as more and as it ends the evolution to much more is complete.

The romance piece of the book is balanced evenly with the action which is great as it doesn’t overtake the rest of the book which I think is a problem for many YA dytopian type books. Wren and Callum’s relationship develops throughout but it’s natural and is done very well. Tintera does all of the relationships naturally with the secondary characters as well. Addie and David in particular were favorites of mine.

I would definitely recommend reading both of these books as not your typical dystopian book and an unusual zombie one as well.

4 Stars



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