Blogger Blackout Review: A Lady’s Lesson in Scandal by Meredith Duran

9759853 I mentioned earlier this week we wouldn’t be reviewing any new releases this week since we are participating in the blogger blackout. But I wanted to post a review of an older romance book that I read this week that I really enjoyed. A Lady’s Lesson in Scandal was published in 2011 by Meredith Duran and I happened to buy it when it was either on a daily deal or a price drop. And I’m so glad I did!

Nell Whitby is a great main character. She is destitute and working in a factory to try to take care of her ill mother. Meanwhile, her stepbrother is taking advantage of her hard working nature and either outright steals from her or tries to convince her to do more than just work in the factory to earn wages. When Nell’s mother, on her dying bed, coughs out that she should go to her real father for help Nell is shocked at the idea as she has no idea of what her mother is talking about.

From there the plot takes off in a huge way. A few weeks later Nell goes to kill her father in desperation and stumbles into Simon instead. Immediately the chemistry, while not romantic right away, is off the charts. There are quite a few things that really work in this book and the two main characters are at the top of the list. Nell was excellent, bringing her incredulity at how the upper class lives with a touch of fun and Simon has an air of nonchalance about him that balances off of Nell in a great way. The dialogue between the two combined with the plot makes this historical romance one I’m glad I didn’t miss out on.

4 Stars



Amazon UK



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