The Shell Collector by Hugh Howey


Oil drilling in the oceans has devastated fish and shellfish to the point of extinction for most species. Beaches have disappeared, parts of the country have been flooded due to rising sea levels and one man’s family are the ones who brought about this global change.

Maya Walsh is a journalist who loves shelling, looking for rare and beautiful shells that have been slowly disappearing during her lifetime. She has been running a story about Ness Wilde and his family who own Ocean Oil. Ness has the larges collection of shells in the world; something that she, and the FBI think is dabbling in the illegal. She wants to bring him and his family’s past into the light with a hard hitting expose on how they have brought about the change to cause rising sea levels and hates what they have done to the planet. She is asked by the FBI, who want to know about his shelling, to inform them of what is said during a series of interviews set up with Ness.

Ness Wilde has been a recluse for the past 4 years. He is passionate about the ocean and the dwindling life in it. He is also a passionate sheller and is always looking for new shell life. He has set up a series of interviews with Maya to set the record straight about what he is doing and about his family’s past.

What happens along the way isn’t what either of them expects and what starts off as a news story morphs into something completely different. Will their shared love of the ocean and the truth bring them together or….?

I have to say that Hugh really wrote a passionate love story of the ocean and the life it contains. He has brought to the forefront the possibility / probability of what would or could happen with the way global warming is going, the constant oil drilling in the seas and mans disregard for the planet. It’s not a preachy green book by any stretch of the imagination but it is thought provoking and that is something that Hugh does best. He makes you think about the things that could happen in our own lifetime and the consequences that could occur.

This book really touched me in the way it was written, the love of the ocean and it brought back memories of my own summers spent looking for shells in the summers I used to spend by the ocean. I swear I could almost smell the salt in the air when I was reading this. My love of the sea is strong and this book is a warning of things to come if we don’t change our ways.

ARC was provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

5/5 stars



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