Review – Trade Me by Courtney Milan

23566506 There are so many things in this book that could just be done ridiculously wrong. Number one being that the hero is a billionaire. I’ve read so many billionaire heroes over the last year and a large portion are just not that good. How many freaking billionaires can there be? I feel like we are quickly approaching that finite number. So when I read the blurb about Trade Me I was surprised because Milan is not one that seems to jump on a worn out fad. The other concerning thing was that this is an NA book and again I’ve read so many bad New Adult themed books and Milan hasn’t written one previously.

But I had too little faith in the author because it all worked really well when done by her. The billionaire here is not the typical alpha-hole hero that I’ve seen a million times. He has surprising depth to him and I really enjoyed his personality. What Courtney Milan does really well is take traditional situations and add her own twist. With her historical romances she has heroines who do non-traditional things like run their own political newspaper.

In this NA there are a few unusual characteristics. Blake, the hero, has a problem which he makes apparent from the beginning but the actual issue is not revealed until later in the book. I don’t do spoilers here but the problem is different and one I’ve never read in any book. The leading heroine in this book is Asian and while that obviously has been done before, I always appreciate diversity in my books. Her best friend is trans and she will be featured in the next book in this series.

The premise of this book is Blake and Tina trading lives, and while not all that believable was still fun to read. There wasn’t too much in terms of sex and in the NA genre sometimes it seems like all sex all the time. The ending isn’t quite a happily ever after but is hopeful for the future. Their story will continue over the next few books as well.

I’d recommend this to anyone who likes contemporary romances, the new adult genre or really any kind of romance. I’d actually recommend all of Milan’s books though so I shouldn’t be surprised.

ARC received via Netgalley on behalf of the publisher.

4 Stars



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