Night of the Living Trekkies by Kevin David Anderson


Jim Pike, yes that is his name, is disillusioned after two tours in Afghanistan. He has watched people he loves and cares for die and blames himself for not being able to stop it. He packs it in and takes a job that is safe, or so he thinks. He works as a bellboy at the Botany Bay Hotel in Houston and a Gulfcon is being held. Trekkies from all over will descend on the hotel in the next few days but fellow hotel workers are acting strange and start to disappear one by one. What starts off with a seemingly drunken convention goer starts a chain of events that will bring down the whole of humanity, as we know it. Jim becomes the reluctant leader of a pack of zombie survivors who try to get away from the hotel in one piece.

This book is a mash up of zombies, Trekkies, Apocalypse Now and Dawn of the Dead. The satire drips in globs and the irony is well written. I loved the use of not only Star Trek dialog but also the use of Star Wars dialog as well. The SW fans didn’t come out well in this book I have to say but the whole thing is not only funny but also well written.   It is a spoof and parodies many sci –fi movies but it’s one that works.   There are funny grotesque bits, like zombies chowing down on “Spock’s” brain. It is a survival story with humor and grimness alike.

This is a fun read if you are a fan of ST and sci-fi. I am a huge sci-fi geek to this book appealed to me. It’s a short read but I loved how it all worked out and it gave a small insight to convention life and die-hard fans. Some parts did drag out a bit longer than it should have, to me anyway. Sit back and enjoy the ride, oh and what ever you do, don’t wear a red shirt, we all know how it ends for those poor guys.

4/5 stars



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