Review: First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen

21853633 I had not read the prequel to this book, Garden Spells, prior to reading First Frost. But the synopsis intrigued me and I’ve heard good things about her so I decided to read it. I’m so glad I did.

The story focused mainly on 15 year old Bay Waverly and the other Waverly women. Autumn’s first frost is greatly anticipated for the Waverly women as a time when good things happen and bad things can finally be righted. All of the women have things going on in their lives that need to be righted and they can’t figure them out. Bay is yearning for a certain boy to pay attention to her, her mother is longing to be pregnant and her Aunt Claire wants to get back to her baking business and out of the candy business that had overtaken her life.

What I loved about this book was seeing how each woman used her natural Waverly magic in their lives. None of them have any inclination to do anything negative with this power and are wary of anything like that happening. bay was my favorite character. Seeing her struggle with dealing with her power, school and boys seemed very real to me and made me root for her.

What I loved less about this book was the weird old man that came to town to try to ruin the Waverly women. I got the addition of a villain to the story to add extra panache to the story but I didnt love this one. I also went back and read Garden Spells after I got done with this one and liked it just as much.

4 Stars

ARC recieved via Netgalley on behalf of the publisher in return for an honest review.



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One thought on “Review: First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen

  1. I loved Garden Spells and also have a review for First Frost coming up. I liked the first one a lot more, I think. I hope there’s more stories about the Waverley family! 🙂

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