Review: Try With Me by Elyssa Patrick

21955018 Quick Disclosure: I’m twitter friendly with this author. I really enjoy her books which is how I became twitter friendly with her but I think the whole disclosure thing is important in reviews.

I have personal experience with breast cancer so I have trepidation when it comes to any book that deals with the subject matter. While this book is definitely in the NA genre as part of Patrick’s With Me series, it is also solidly about breast cancer. Many books have breast cancer as a side story to add something to the story and I’m just sensitive to those situations because not done well they just piss me off quite frankly. Even worse is when the author tries to use medical knowledge and uses it completely incorrectly. That drives me insane!! Happily NONE of this happens here!! I was so relieved with every page turn that the cancer both made complete sense within the story and was told in a logical and medically correct way. That was important to me and it was done really well.

That being said Zelda is pretty alone in the world besides her mother, who has metastatic breast cancer. Zelda had put aside her dreams of college and moved around with her mother looking for the best treatment for her. She’s working 3, possibly 4 jobs – it’s hard for me to keep track as she is running from one to the other at all times, of course worrying about how she would make ends meet for herself and her mother. It’s at one of these jobs that she runs into Jamie, who she knows from high school. Jamie who she had a huge crush on in high school but Zelda has no time for things like that now.

But Jamie has other plans for Zelda. I don’t want to give you the impression that this book is only a horribly sad thing to read. The romance that blooms between Jamie and Zelda is sweet and rich. The intense feelings they have for each other create some really hot interactions between them. I absolutely loved how Jamie would not back down with Zelda in pretty much all ways – in the bedroom and with helping her and her mother in any way that he or his awesome group of friends can. Which is a beautiful thing to watch. Zelda has never had that kind of strength in her corner since she’s had to be her own corner this whole time.

I’m not going to lie – this is a heavy book in places. But it felt balanced to me. I absolutely did cry but the romance and the laughter really made it feel very well rounded to me.

I also want to add that I JUST got done reading another new release that had breast cancer as a sub topic and I finished that book being so LIVID at how the subject was done because almost all of the information they used in the book was completely not correct. Nothing made sense to me about what they were saying about it. So in my head I was comparing the two and so happy that Elyssa Patrick go it so right.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

5 Stars



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