Review: Soulbound by Kristen Callihan

22395684 This is book #6 in Kristen Callihan’s Darkest London series. And it is such a dark series filled with awesome, dark creatures – some of which we’ve all heard of before and some that seem totally new and unusual. Which is why I completely love this series. It started out with creatures such as werewolves and vampires which felt familar and has moved into GIM’s or ghosts in the machine which are hard to describe but pretty amazing to see brought to life in these books.

In Soulbound the story is focused on Adam who is a completely unusual hero in this world in that he is actually a human, albeit a cursed one. His curse means that he is immortal but cannot truly live. He was cursed by the Fae queen but an Angel lightened the curse by allowing for Adam finding his soul mate and if he does he can break the curse. 700 years later Adam has found that soul mate in Eliza May but in trying to hold her so tight to him – literally in chains – she chose to escape him at the end of book 5.

Eliza does not believe for a second that she has a soul mate in Adam and she hates him for how he treated her while in captivity. She’s been living with the Fae queen who is actually her grandmother but things are not great for her here either. Eliza can’t stomach the things that happen at the hands of Mab and when Mellan, Eliza’s old nemesis shows up that is her last straw and she realizes she needs to leave. When she finds that Adam has been kept chained in Mab’s basement she has to do something.

Adam and Eliza’s roles are very much reversed in this book from the last one. Adam is literally the one in Mab’s chains for a large portion of the story and he realizes he has to make up for how he treated Eliza previously. I appreciated this because I was not feeling Adam until this book. Eliza has many secrets she’s holding in and doesn’t want to share any of them because she feel she can’t trust Adam with her secrets, much less her heart. I really enjoyed getting Adam’s back story here too because he was one creature that I didn’t understand much at all initially.

We do get to see appearances by a few of the others from the previous books, which I always appreciate. On a side note – I absolutely NEED Lucien’s story at this point, although at the end I felt that we’re going to get Sin’s sooner. Which is admittedly intriguing but Lucien’s more so for me!

The ending surprised of these books always manage to surprise me. There is a huge build up and then a lot of action I don’t expect but it didn’t disappoint. I really liked what it delivered.

4 Stars

ARC received via Netgalley on behalf of the publisher in return for an honest review.



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