Girl on a Wire by Gwenda Bond


16 year of Jules Maroni is a third generation circus performer, she is a high wire walker just like her fatherHer family is reduced to third rate circuses for reasons unknown to her. When they are given an invitation to join the prestigious Cirque American she is desperate for her family to accept and for them to be recognize for the talent they are. She wants to spread her wings and try more daring things like her heroine Bird Millman, but she feels that as long as they are stuck where they are she will never realize her dreams. What she doesn’t know is that there is a family secret, one that has kept them out of the limelight for a reason. As the family grudgingly accept the invitation things start to go Jules’s way but behind her quest for fame things start to go wrong and turns deadly.

This is a truly engrossing book! It wasn’t what I was expecting in a circus book but that’s what makes it different. The characters are lively and enthralling, the lifestyle is written wonderfully and the politics of a large circus surface as well. There is a whole lot of plot in this book, romance, old family rivalries, lots of drama and plot twists that you don’t see coming. Some of the high wire scenes with Jules makes your heart jump into your throat! It’ so well written that it actually feels real and believable. This book is a gem and one that needs to be read.

5/5 stars


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