Review: Talon by Julie Kagawa

17331828 I’ve been missing in action for quite a while but I’ve been reading a ton so I have a lot of reviews to catch up on! I haven’t read anything else by Julie Kagawa and had heard good things about this author so when I heard her newest YA series was about dragons I had to pick it up. I just have a thing about dragons, in general I think they’re pretty awesome so I was looking forward to this series. Also – how gorgeous is this cover!?

Ember and Dante Hill are the only siblings to have ever been born to dragons so some think they’re pretty important. These dragons are the shape shifting type and they’re required to spend the summer blending in with humans over the summer. This is a huge undertaking and one they’ve been trained on and Ember has been looking forward to. Talon itself is a secret dragon society, one every dragon belongs to, or so the brother and sister thinks. Ember finds herself being drawn to a Rogue dragon – one that has escaped from under Talons watchful eye, and also comes to meet to meet a human that she can’t resist. Both of these things are huge no-no’s for fledgling dragons.

This book has changing POV’s which can be tricky and oftentimes doesn’t work for me but I found that the author used it very well here. I find that alternating POV’s can be very jarring for me, taking me abruptly from one character’s head to another without any buffer. But with this book the changes were much more smoothly done and the scenes glided from one to the other, regardless of which character I was reading. The pacing and plot also worked very well for me in this book. The pacing was just right – not too fast but not too slow, both of which can be major detractors from a book.

Ember was the protaganoist and such a naive one, but believably so. She was meant to be sheltered throughout her life until she came to live with humans over this summer so I found her journey to be one that I bought into without hesitation. Garrett, the hero in the book – one of two actually – was less believable to me in his naivete. He would waffle from one belief to another and that was the part that I struggled with the most. I really liked him and his relationship with Ember but some of his actions didn’t ring true with me. Another part of the book I struggled with, yet liked was the love triangle that is barely fleshed out but seems to be forming. Triangles are ever present in YA and that taints my view of them because there are so many of them! I couldn’t quite tell if this was going to turn into an actual love triangle or not but I have sequel to read and review next so I’ll let you know…

3.5 Stars

~ Melinda




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