Review: Fairest by Marissa Meyer; narrated by Rebecca Soler

22489107 I’m on a roll of reviewing books with amazing covers! This one is just as stunning, I love the mirror and the image in it – I think the entire thing is gorgeous. The Lunar Chronicles are an amazing young adult series that is part fairy tale retelling, part dystopian and part romance. I’ve listened to them on audio since the beginning and I would highly recommend listening to them because Rebecca Soler is a wonderful narrator. She makes the characters come alive and makes the different characters very distinct – both of which are key factors to enjoys an audio book for me. I’m a big fan of audiobooks in general because it’s so easy to listen while you’re doing tasks that aren’t so pleasant like housekeeping!

Each book in this series is based on a fairy tale and retells it with a compelling new twist and one that has a science fiction flair to it as well. This one tells the back story of the evil Queen Levana which reminded me of Gregory Maguire’s The Life and Time of The Wicked Witch in that the point of the story is to tell the evil Queen’s side of the story for once. In the previous books Levana has tormented Cinder, Scarlet and Cress and she’s used her glamour to gain more and more power. But we’ve never known a thing about what made Levana Levana.

I went into this thinking I would feel sorry for Levana, and much needed compassion for the crazy acting queen. Within about 5 minutes that was definitely the case.

She was suddenly angry. Angry that this woman was so effortlessly pretty. Angry that tonight she would sleep beside her doting husband. That soon she would hold a wrinkled, wailing baby in her arms and that child would never question whether it was loved, or whether its parents loved each other.

Nothing Levana wanted had ever come that easily.

However, not that long after that Levana slowly began to transform into the Queen we know and Marissa Meyer does this transformation so well that at first I found myself being sympathetic to her situation. But then she truly becomes more and more horrific to the point of no return and the sympathy turned into loathing.

Levana had not seen the bodies, but she had seen the bedrooms the next morning, and her first thought was that all that blood would make a very pretty rouge on her lips.

This book was just as well done as the other ones, which was no surprise. The romance in this was so well done because it was easy to see both sides of what was going on. It was like the entire book – completely disturbing but in a ridiculously great way. I highly recommend this book but would definitely start at the beginning of the series and go in publication order.

5 Stars