At the Water’s Edge by Sara Gruen


Maddie, Ellis and Hank are three rich, spoiled socialites in their late 20’s who’s life is one long party. When things get out of control one night Ellis’s father steps in. Ellis has a few strikes against him, he got out of being called into service for WW2 as being colorblind, he married Maddie against his parent’s wishes and he has done nothing with his life. His father is the man who photographed the infamous Loch Ness Monster back in the 30’s. It’s well known that the pictures were falsified. Ellis decided to stand up to his father and says he will go and actually return with real proof of the monster.

Maddie Ellis and Hank make their way to Scotland by way of a boat. They find lodgings and proceed to make themselves a nuisance. They are irritating and look down their nose at the locals. They treat the inn they stay at with contempt and the staff and locals start to detest them. Ellis is a pill popping Jekyll and Hyde type of guy towards his wife while Hank tries to smooth things over with them time and time again.

As Maddie is left behind most of the time while the men go off hunting Nessie, she starts to become a bone of contention while the staff slave away and she does nothing but sit there. As time goes on she starts to help out around the inn and in doing so she becomes more accepted. She also opens her eyes to how her husband treats her and just as to what kind of men he and Hank really are. As her relationship becomes more strained with Ellis, he in turn becomes more Jekyll and Hyde as he realizes that Maddie’s pills have run out and he becomes more manic. Maddie sees the pieces of the puzzle fall into place and that’s when things become dangerous for her.

There are a lot of emotional scars in this story. There is also domestic violence as well. I also got the hint that, while it isn’t specified, that Hank and Ellis may have had a bit of thing going on. There is a lot of story packed in here and I liked that the more Maddie became aware of what was going on she herself changed from the spoiled rich girl with no feeling for others to one with great tenderness and affection for the people around her. I loved this book, it was rich in history and well researched.

ARC received from Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review

5/5 stars



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