Weightless by Sara Bannan


Adamsville Alabama is like any small southern town. They worship God, pray at school events and cheer on their football team. Girls talk about makeup, fashion, who the hottest boy is, things that teenage girls all over talk about. Brook is a cheerleader going out with THE best looking guy in school, Shane and her best friend Gemma, who is the preacher’s daughter, is dating Andrew. All of this changes when a new girl moves to Adamsville from New Jersey. Carolyn is 15 and is everything the local girls want to be. She is popular, pretty, and thin and uses designer products and wears designer clothes.

When school starts Carolyn becomes very popular with everybody. She makes lots of friends but when she is seen with Shane things start to turn against her. Brook and Gemma start making comments, nothing big but comments that start to circulate. Brook talks about Carolyn behind her back… then starts to post comments on Face book. Little things that other know are wrong, or right depending on whom you talk to. Girls start to talk about Carolyn, commenting on her weight, how much she has lost, and about her clothes, her hair, and what she is doing. She becomes a person of fascination and also one of contempt.

As the book progresses things start to spiral downward and gets more out of control.

This is a book about bullying modern day style. Where social media can play a big part of an individuals down fall. Videos and text messages are a new form of bullying platform. It also highlights how much worse girls are towards each other, the jealousy and pettiness that some girls of that age obsess about. I think that in many ways girls are far worse bullies that guys can be. It was pretty intese what these girls did and also scary at how much they banded together to gang up on one girl who was, while not completely blameless for what was going on, battling her own demons and was going about things best she could.

This is a book that should be read in junior high, even though it takes place in high school. It’s written at a level for kids of that age group and written in a style that they can understand. Parents can get something out of this as well, a better understanding of just how much social media can be used as a new form of bullying and how kids react, or don’t, to what is going on around them

ARC recieved by Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review

4/5 stars



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