True Devotion by Liora Blake

24733682 Synopsis: Devon Jenkins is a feisty blonde, and Simon Cole is the arrogant, sexy guitarist playing in her brother’s band. When they met for the first time, it went something like this: He hit on her, she shot him down, he made a lewd joke, she told him he was an idiot.

In the two years since then, not much has changed. From the way Simon flirts shamelessly with any set of ovaries within a 100-mile radius, Devon knows the smartest thing she can do is keep an impenetrable wall between them.

But sometimes the smart choice isn’t necessarily the right one…

True Devotion is the follow up to True North which was the story of Trevor and Kate. Devon is Trevor’s sister. While I enjoyed Trevor and Kate’s story I fell in love with Devon and Simon. I read this book in one sitting from cover to cover. There was so much I enjoyed about it. The hero in the book, Simon, was one that I loved from just about the beginning. I expected a very alpha male who needed to be in charge just because of this being a rock star book. Simon, however, definitely surprised me with his love of reading all genres and his tenderness. He is the one who is all in with the relationship with Devon from the beginning and doesn’t want to do anything casual. I loved seeing the male being the one ready to commit for good and not being hesitant to settle. Another part of Simon’s personality that was unexpected was his inner geek that he was unashamed about. He had no problem with having unicorn sheets and fun geeky dishes and displaying all of that throughout his house even though he a supposed to be some kind of rock god. Men who know who they are and embrace it are the best kind.

You might also stumble across my supersecret stash of very filthy romance novels. I have a soft spot for the ones with shirtless cowboys. But other than that it’s pretty square around here.
Please tell me you’re kidding about the shirtless cowboys.
Raising his eyebrows suggestively, he lowers his voice. I don’t know. You’ll have to find out.
Those cowboys are so rugged. Everyone has a kink don’t they? Mine might be a cowboy in just his hat and a smile.
If you ever say ask me to say ‘giddy up when we’re having sex, I’ll know it’s true.

Devon is the one who had self esteem issue and it’s hard to watch her struggles throughout. But it is understandable to see why she has problems with accepting love with where she’s come from. Devon and Trevor grew up in the ghetto and didn’t have anything until Trevor’s band started to make something of itself. She always made assumptions about Simon and thought he was a pretty rich boy and when she discovers there’s so much more to him she doesn’t think she’s good enough for him and that she’s keeping him from finding a great socialite wife. She’s a very flawed heroine but seemed pretty realistic to me since most women I know have a running commentary in their head about their own flaws.

While I loved Simon my favorite thing about this book is the balance of the humor and touching parts of the book. I found myself laughing so much at certain parts because Simon and Devon had great banter back and forth which always cracked me up. But what I found particularly surprising were the parts that had me a little teary. I’m not a big cry-er with books but there were some parts that I found extremely touching.

Liora Blake was a new to me author with the first book in this series but I’ll definitely be reading more of hers after this one!

ARC received via Netgalley in return for an honest review.

5 stars




One thought on “True Devotion by Liora Blake

  1. Great review! I loved True North and based on your review I’m gonna love this one even more. In a world full of alpha males, when I find sweet and loving heroes I treasure them.

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