Love on the Slopes by Amy Manemann

25449257For Jessica Harley skiing is her life and Jackson Hole Ski Resort is her home. She has had her eye on buying the resort for as long as she can remember. When she comes back from an enforced vacation by her employer she comes home to find that he is selling the resort and when she finds out whom to, she blows her top.

Dom DeRenzi is an old family friend of the Harley’s and was a one time love of Jessica’s. He has inherited from his father the business savvy to take over buildings that need attention and money to restore them to former glory. He has returned to Jackson Hole following a divorce and has brought along his young son with him.

Jessica is livid that the resort has been sold out from under her and can’t believe it’s her old lover who has done it. While Dom knows he has hurt Jessica in the past he wants her to help him with the resort, she knows it’s ins and outs better than anyone else. He knows it wont be easy to work with her but he wants the resort to succeed. Jessica has her own problems in dealing with Dom, while she is mad at him she still has feelings for him and doesn’t want that to get in the way of the goal of making the resort better. Knowing that Dom has a son and is married she stays away emotionally as much as possible. But as the sexual tension mounts can she truly keep her emotions under wraps.

This is a light romance with the usual will they/ wont they and the normal things thrown in the path of love having a second chance. While I liked the book it was predictable and an easy read for me, something to read after a heavier more intense book.

ARC provided by author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

3/5 stars


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